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lNeeded to maintain ecological processlWater is used in communities of plants and animalslNatural water is KEY to all living organisms

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Well, in order for anything to survive it would need water. Plants will need water to suck up with their roots and animals would need water to drink.

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Q: How water is an important component of environment?
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Discuss why the economy is an important component of the general environment?

The economy is an important component of the general environment as it affects the environment directly. With increased productivity which makes the economy better, the environment is polluted and suffers greatly.

Why does the water cycle play an important role in the environment?

The water cycle plays an important role in the environment. This cycle recycles the water in the system for the plants and animals.

What are the three component of environment?

natural environment,human environment,human made environment.

What are the nonliving component of an ecosystem or environment?

The non-living components of an ecosystem are: rocks, sand, water, air and soil.

What are the components of social environment?

A component of social environment is culture.

What is both a key component in the water cycle and an important weather condition?

sun's rays

Why are fireworks not important?

because they are bad for the environment. they pollute the water

Major component of environment?

the major components of environment are natural environment, man made environment and human environment

What are the component of environment?

A biotic component like water, air and soil. this also the physical component. Biotic component like human beings, animals and plants.The components of the environment:The components of the environment are Biotic components and Abiotic components: Abiotic components: Water, air, soil, rocks etc.....Biotic components: Human beings, plants, animals and micro-organisms.The Abiotic component consists of hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, Lithosphere.The biotic component consists of consumers, DE-composer.

Major living component of environment?


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it's protects of water