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a chinese legend

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Q: How would the wet bulb temperature change if there is more water vapor?
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Which air temperature would be capable of holding more water vapor 64 or 85 degree air?

85...The warmer the temperature, the more water vapor it can hold.

Why is the amount of water vapor always changing?

the amount of water vapor depends in volume temperature and pressure.Since you can never keep any of them constant forever, then the amount of water vapor would have to change to "balance" out the system (the conservation of energy or stuff like that). This could be done by precipitation or condensation, both of which help to regulate the right amount of water vapor.

A change in the rate of enzyme action in aquatic invertebrates would most directly result from a change in what?

temperature of the water

How would particles change in evaporation?

Firstly, evaporation doesn't mean boiling, boiling is when the temperature reaches the boiling point. However, evaporation will occur in any temperature, and we can't see them. It occurs when there is exposure of water to air and water molecules change into vapor and these vapors rise up and form clouds.

Does vapor water contribute to global increase in temperature?

Yes, vapor water does contribute to the global increase in temperature. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas, meaning it can trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere. As the Earth's temperature rises, more water evaporates and enters the atmosphere, creating a positive feedback loop that amplifies the warming effect.

Why does lowered air pressure allow water to boil at room temperature?

Less force pushes down on the liquid, making it easier for gas to escape

What is a dry vapor?

A substance that is in the gas phase at a temperature at which it would normally be a solid or liquid

What would happen if condensation stops in nature?

we would have droughts and there wont be rain

If the air is saturated with water vapor what must happen to the temperature of the air to allow it to hold more water vapor?

it would have to get colder for the water molucules to shrink and more to come in and it woluld allow more space

What is the temperature at which air can no longer hold all the water vapor?

That's an approximate definition of saturation. And the temperature at which the current amount of water vapor in the air would be the saturation point is called the dew point. The dew point is a measure of absolute humidity.

Which water freezes first boiling water cold water or room temperature.?

Cold water would freeze the fastest because freezing is a physical change brought on by temperature change, and the temperature of cold water is closer to freezing temperature than boiling or room temperature water. Therefore, it would take less time to reach freezing temperature.

When would a gas be described as a vapor?

You might hear the term vapor. Vapor and gas mean the same thing. The word vapor is used to describe gases that are usually found as liquids. Good examples are water or mercury (Hg). Compounds like carbon dioxide are usually gases at room temperature so scientists will rarely talk about carbon dioxide vapor. Water and mercury are liquids at room temperature so they get the vapor title.