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Q: In 1972 India's Chandka Forest suffered both a vicious drought and a searing heat wave which together produced a kind of pachyderm dementia On July 10 24 people died during a stampede of what anim?
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Can you give a sentence using the word dementia?

The elder man suffered from dementia and was unable to explain how he got there.

What if a will was signed by person who suffered dementia at time of signing?

It woudl have to be proven in a court of law that the person actually WAS suffering from dementia. If possible, then the agreement MIGHT be challenged.

How did king gorge the third die?

He suffered from dementia, was blind and deaf; later he was unable to walk and died January 1820

What if a supreme court justice suffered from dementia?

Surely it would be noticed by the other justices and action would be taken by the presiding president to remove that person from serving.

How do you cope with dementia in a person with narcissistic character disorder Is a narcissist more prone to dementia in old age?

My mother suffered from (undiagnosed) Narcissistic Personality Disorder. During the last years of her life she showed signs of Dementia. My step-mother (my father knew how to pick his women!!) has been, for her entire life, a full blown narcissist with all the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She has recently (she is 78) been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. I have no idea how to cope with it. It is soul destroying to have to deal with her.

What did Gene Barry die of?

As I understand it he died of congestive heart failure following a fall at the Sunrise Nursing home to which he was admitted in June 2009. He had also suffered from Alzheimers and Dementia for 3 or 4 years.

What kind of illness did Nietzsche have?

Friedrich Nietzsche suffered from dementia paralytica -or general paresis- as the results of contracting syphilis (STI), which left untreated (antibiotics) can cause lasting mental damages. The bacterium infects the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that degenerates into neurosyphilis. The form of neurosyphilis Nietzsche developed typically became general paresis that progressed into dementia, then death.

What is included in dementia?

They include changes due to diseases (Alzheimer's and Creutzfeld-Jakob diseases), changes due to a heart attack or repeated blows to the head (as suffered by boxers), and damage due to long-term alcohol abuse.

Studies have shown that Alpha GPC can be used to treat which cognitive disorders?

Alpha-GPC has been shown to treat to the cognitive disorders of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in scientific studies. It may also help those who have suffered from a stroke.

Why did Elijah McCoy die?

Inventor and engineer Elijah McCoy died in Detroit in 1929. He was 86, and he suffered from dementia and from injuries he sustained in an auto accident in which his second wife died. Though the accident was some seven years past, it appears complications lingered.

What are Ozzy osbourne's parents names?

His mother Lillian suffered from dementia and had an overdose on pills on November 29, 2008 shortly after Ozzy and Sharon left her home. Lillian was living alone and accidentally had the pill overdose. She passed away the next morning on December 1, 2008. She was 90.

What is the Spanish word for suffered?

suffered = sufrido