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ricky did like kissing zane. she said she liked him. zane had to stop the mermaid business.

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Q: In H2O did ricky like kissing zane?
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What is zane's out of H2O full real name out of H2O just add water?

Burgess Abernethy plays Zane Bennett in h2O

Does Zane break up with Rikki in H2O season 3?


What is the real name of actor zane in H2O?

His real name is Herbert.

Do Rikki and zane reay kiss in H2O?

yes they do plenty of times

Who is the oldest cast member on h2o just add water?


What is the first episode of h2o where zane and Rikki kiss?

It's explode 1

Who was the first to discover their power on H2o?

Cleo. She makes the fire hydrant explode on Zane.

What is Zane Bennet's real name?

Zane Bennet is a fictional character from the show, H2O, Just Add Water. Burgess Abernethy is the man who played the character.

Is Rikki Chadwick dating Zane Bennett on H2o just add water?

On H20 Rikki Chadwick is dating the character Zane Bennett. For a while they broke but they rekindled there relationship later on.

Who does Rikki go out with in season 3 H2O just add water?

Rikki and Zane go out in season 3 of H2O Just Add Water. H2O Just Add Water aired in the United Kingdom and Australia.

In H2O what episode does zane find out about riki?

Yes he does because Zane gets tired of all of the secrets and then Dr. Denman gets too close to the girls and they get stuck in mako island. Zane walks through the pathway and see's the girls. He finds out their secret because of Dr. Denman.

Do zane and Rikki and back together in H2O season 3?

She does not like will in an episode in season 3 when will was at the diving compittition he was under water and the girls went to support him and then Sophie and zane were on the boat and when willl swam up he beat the record and then Sophie and zane kissed and Rikki saw and and broke up with him for sure she doesnt like will because will likes Bella and Bella likes him back and i think there dating!