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The chlorine in CFCs is torn away from the compound by the sun's powerful UV rays making the lone Chlorine free to "attacks" the ozone molecules (O3), making them lose an oxygen molecule. The result is O2, and chlorine monoxide, CLO. One chlorine molecule can repeat this cycle over a thousand times, destroying the ozone layer.

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Q: In what way does CFC become harmful to the environment and people?
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How are CFC'S harmful for the environment and living beings?

they are not harmful to the environment

What was destroying our ozone layer?

CFC's are destroying our ozone layer. These CFC's are one of the most harmful chemicals of the environment.

What are the harmful and beneficial effects of colloids and solutions?

some colloids cause pollution in the environment...some colloids release cfc's that contributes to the ozone layer depletion...

What are the sources of cfc's in the atmosphere?

the source of cfc is mainly from refrigerators n ac's...increase in the emission of cfc may lead to a hole in the ozone layer,the result of which is harmful rays such as ultra violet rays reaching out to people which causes skin cancer

Why people should use CFC free spray?

Simple answer: it is believed CFC destroys the ozone layer in the atmosphere which creates problems with the environment we all live in.

What layer of the ozone is CFCs harmful to?

CFc's are harmful to the stratospheric region of ozone. They deplete it.

What type of refrigerant is the most harmful to stratospheric ozone?

Refrigerants are harmful. But the most harmful are CFC's.

What is the meaning of CFC effect?

CFC affect refers to the harmful chemicals damaging the ozone layer. The ozone's outer layer is to block harmful UV rays from hurting the living things on the planet, CFC slowly eats away at this layer.

What substance is the most harmful to the ozone?

It is CFC. It destroys the ozone.

How many ozone layers are distroyed by cfc molecule?

A CFC molecule is very harmful. It can destroy 100,000 molecules of ozone.

Which refrigerant is most harmful to the ozone layer?

CFC's are some of the refrigerants. They are the ones causing most of the damage.

Do CFC pose a threat to the environment because they are stable?

CFC's are stable. They are compounds of carbon, Chlorine and Fluorine.