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Yes, because 85 degrees is hot enough to wera shorts because its only 5 degrees away from 90 and 90 drgrees is hot

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Q: Is 85 degrees hot enough to wear shorts?
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Is 76 degrees Fahrenheit hot enough to wear shorts?

76 degrees is warm enough to wear shorts

Is 76 degrees hot enough to wear shorts?

yah, just wear a sweatshirt

Is 10 degrees hot enough to wear short shorts?

I would say about 70 degrees and higher. Or even when its a little chilly but not so bad.

Is 7 degrees hot enough to were leggings?

Yeah go for it! You could even wear shorts over the leggings! ROCK THE LOOK! :)

What do you wear in 62 degrees?

jeans and a sweatshirt. nuff'said. (: -Its not quite hot enough for shorts -Its not quite cool enough for winter stuff I live in Michigan and its the trickiest weather to work with /: But have funn!

Should men wear shorts in Malawi?

Malawi is a hot country and men do wear shorts there.

Name something you wear when its hot?


Do you wear hot shorts with jacket?

no,unobidient donkey.

Is 82 degrees hot enough to wear shorts with a long sleeve shirt?

The answer depends on which temperature scale is under consideration. 82 degrees Celsius is very hot. 82 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty warm. 82 Kelvin will be very cold and every living form on the Earth will be frozen and will be immobile at that temperature.

On a hot day is it okay to wear underpants instead of shorts?

On a hot day, it is not okay to wear underpants instead of shorts because there are much better options. It is not morally okay for a man to interchange his underpants with shorts during a hot day. You should wear your underpants beneath your shorts so as not to reveal parts of your thighs to the public.

What do females of Spain wear?

They wear shorts or skirts because it's so hot.

What do salvadorians wear?

El Salvadorians mostly wear skirts and shorts since it is hot