Is Exxon gasoline ethanol free

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Exxon gasoline ethanol free
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Is marathon gasoline ethanol free?


What St. Louis county gas stations sell non ethanol gasoline?

There are many gas stations that are located in St. Louis that sell non ethanol gasoline. Exxon and Shell are among the most popular gas stations that sell this gasoline.

What gas stations in Myrtle Beach have gasoline without ethanol?

Type your answer here... The Exxon under the Wacamaw Bridge by the old Freestyle Park.

Where can you find ethanol free gasoline in Massachusetts?

Any Airport

Does Exxon put ethanol in their gas?


Are there any gas stations in the Mechanicsville Va. 23116 that sells ethanol free gasoline?

Not in Mechanicsville. Your closest location may be the Hanover Air Park. They have 100 octane aviation gasoline which is ethanol free. Usually pricy.

Does BP Amoco gasoline contain ethanol?

The only way to tell whether ethanol is present in gasoline is to look at the gasoline pump. If it contains ethanol, there should be a large sticker on it stating what percentage of ethanol is in the gasoline.

What services does Exxon Mobil sell?

Exxon Mobil sells petroleum products such as gasoline.

Can you buy ethanol free gas in New York?

I have found a gas station in Lake Placid that still sells ethanol free gasoline. The number of stations that provide this service are dwindling fast. I have a 2004 Prius and when I fill up with ethanol free gas I get about 46-50 mpg. When I use E10 I get about 10% less, so I have to buy 10% more gasoline! Please post the location of any other stations that have ethanol free.

What percent of gasoline consist of ethanol that is made from corn?

The percentage of gasoline that is ethanol differs according to the type of gasoline measured. On average, though, most gasoline is at least 13% to 15% ethanol made from corn.

Where does Sheetz Gasoline get their oil?

Sheetz gasoline is purchased from local distributors, as most gas retailers do. For instance most Virginia stores receive gasoline from Exxon-Mobile. The ethanol content is not specified exactly at the pump because seasonal or jurisdictional mixes vary from distributor to distributor or locality to locality so a company wide "contains ethanol" sign is applied to comply with Weights and Measures requirements.

Where to buy non ethanol gasoline near bentonville ar?

2400 W 14th street in Bentonville, AR.. GO THERE!! All grades are Ethanol FREE!! :)