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Q: Is Hibiscus leaf simple or compound?
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Is pepper leaf is a simple or compound leaf?

Simple leaf

Is the jasmine leaf a simple leaf?

Yes a hibiscus leaf is simple because a simple leaf having one blade, or a lobed leaf in which the separate parts do not reach down to the midrib.

Is a peach leaf simple leaf or compound leaf?


Is corn leaf a simple or compound?

A corn leaf is an example of a simple leaf.

Is pear leaf simple or compound?

i think that the ochro leaf is a compound leaf

Is the Neem leaf compound or simple leaf?

A Neem leaf is a compound leaf a

Is a banana leaf simple or compound leaf?

simple leaf

Is a cherry leaf a simple leaf or a compound leaf?


is mogra leaf simple or compound?

Compound leaf

Is gumamela leaf compound or simple leaf?


Is neem leaf is compound leaf or simple leaf?

A Neem leaf is a compound leaf a

Is neem leaf is a compound or simple leaf?

Neem leaf is compound