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no it is not

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Q: Is earths surface stable and stationary now?
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Is earth surface stable and stationary now was it ever in the past do you think it will stable in the future?


How many feet is it through the Earth's core?

about 6370km from the earths surface,convert now to feet

How do you now the sun rotates?

We know the Sun rotates because we can observe stationary sun spots moving across its surface.

What percent of the world is rain forest?

Rainforests once covered 14% percent of the earths surface, now they cover a mere 6%

What percent of the world is Tropical rain forests?

Rainforests once covered 14% percent of the earths surface, now they cover a mere 6%

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no now go get a girlfriend and a life

What is all the water on the earths surface called?

"The Oceans & Seas, oh, and the Lakes & Rivers. (Now, what subjects do I supervise on here ?) lol" Try Hydrosphere

Where is the DSV Jason now?

JASON is not a DSV; it is an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) that is deployed and controlled by tether from a stable support vessel on the ocean surface. It is still used by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

When chlorine gains an electron what achieves a complete octet?

when chlorine gains an electron, it now now contains a full octet. this means that the chlorine element is now chemically perfect and now is stable , but not as stable as one of the Noble Gases

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yes; now most of the banks are stable; i.e. the have overcome the credit crisis;

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What is being deposition in sink holes?

this is something that happens on earths surface..... The ground simply collapses down the now dry rivers that were once filled with water. These are the first real signs of a major drought.Read more: What_is_a_sink_holes