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actually as far as fluoride is good for protecting teeth from decay during child hood even giving super protection for root of teeth after teenage years ,but at the same time can cause osteoporosis in most of teeth especially after stoppage of development in which catabolism will be more than anabolism and we should put that in our mind that nothing is good as it is used more than its normal level for that reason fluoride should be used in 1 part to 1 part per million parts of water.

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Q: Is high fluoride causes tooth decay?
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Why is fluoride often added to the water supply?

to help prevent tooth decay, just like there is fluoride in tooth paste to prevent tooth decay. The fluoride added to water is no where near as high concentration as in tooth paste though

Can tooth decay cause high blood pressure?


Can high fructose corn syrup cause tooth decay?

Yes. Anything with sugar in it (fructose is a kind of sugar) can cause tooth decay.

What does deficiency of flouride do to the body?

Who needs fluoride?Many governmental health agencies recommend that both children and adults receive some level of fluoride. Children need fluoride to protect their permanent teeth as they are forming. Adults need fluoride so that they can continue to protect teeth against tooth decay. Several groups of people could benefit especially from fluoride treatments because they have a higher risk of tooth decay. This includes people who have: A history of cavities or tooth decayNo or little access to dentistsPoor dental hygieneDiets with high amounts of sugars or carbohydratesSnacking habitsBraces, crowns, bridges, and other teeth restoration proceduresA lack of saliva or dry mouth

What does irn bru do to your teeth?

As with most drinks that contain high sugar content, Irn Bru can promote tooth decay. Acidic drinks also promote tooth decay through erosion of tooth enamel.

What are the health risks of consuming a high amount of sugar?

Sugar can promote tooth decay

Why cant you drink soda with braces?

high sugary beverages can cause decay in tooth

What kind of foods cause tooth decay?

Most foods with high sugar or acidic concentrations

What does it mean when you have white spots on your teeth?

There are several possible causes for white spots on your teeth. If the spots have always been there it is likely that something happened when the teeth were developing such as excess fluoride, a high fever or trauma. If the teeth developed the white spots the most likely cause is demineralization of the enamel. This is a fancy way of saying your tooth started the decay (cavity) process. If you use fluoride the decaying can stop, but only the surface of the tooth hardens leaving this white "scar" on the tooth. I often see this in my patients that have worn braces. These white spots can be reversed. The treatment is done partially in the dentist office and partly at home.

Why are fluoride compounds added to some toothpaste?

Allegedly it is to help prevent tooth decay. There have never been, however, any scientific studies to substantiate this. The belief that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay is based on largely circumstantial evidence. In the early 1900's, a group of miners from Colorado Springs, Colorado were found to have surprisingly little dental decay. A young dentist there, named Frederick McKay, investigated, and discovered the two common elements that all shared: a higher than normal natural occurrence of fluoride in the ground water, and a high prevalence of the condition known as fluoridosis. Fluoride is the seventeenth most common naturally occurring substance on Earth. It appears in the soil and ground water, and is found at high levels in sea food. It is also a major byproduct of munnitions and fertilizer manufacturing. With the close of the second World War, the US found itself sitting on a huge stockpile of fluoride, a major pollutant that does not breakdown naturally. Only two things then could be done with fluoride: store it to prevent it from entering the environment, or put it into rat poisons (this is fact). The federal government, following a community in Michgan (Grand Rapids) , came up with a third option; using McKay's theory of the prevention of tooth decay, they mandated the introduction of fluoride into public drinking water. Eventually the practice led to its inclusion in tooth paste.

What are the negative effects of chocolate?

badly effects teeth by improving tooth decay.. high calorie intake...

Which brand of soda rots your teeth faster coke or pepsi?

There is no difference between Coke and Pepsi in terms of tooth decay. On these grounds they are equal. The sugars in these, and any other high sugar beverage can be a cause of tooth decay.

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