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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is it Dangerous to swim in Polluted Waters?
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Are giant pacific octopus dangerous?

They are not endangered. Nor are they threatened. They are in fact sensitive to polluted waters.

Can humans die if you swim in polluted waters?

Yes. It does, of course, depend on exactly what the pollution is and whether you swallow any of it or not. Technically, any lake a motorboat has been on is "polluted", since it will contain traces of oil, but you can probably swim in that with no problems.

Is the word polluted an adjective?

Yes, polluted can be used as an adjective. Example: Don't swim in the polluted lake.

How long can fish survive in polluted water?

It all depends on by what and how severely the water is polluted also some fish cleverly swim to unpolluted waters when the water where they are living gets badly polluted and sometimes bigger fish that cannt travel well will dive deeper than usual to get away from the pollution

What kind of organisms live in polluted water?

I read somewhere that lobsters grow well in polluted waters.

Are your tap waters polluted?

before it is processed yes.but after they clean it no.

Where are waters polluted and why?

The waters are polluted in rivers,lakes,ponds and sea's. The reason is because people are throwing things there not ment to in the rivers etc. Or that the factories produce gas in the air and that goes to the river :)

What kind of Species living in Polluted Waters?

There are hundreds of species of fish and even microscopic life forms that live in polluted waters. Some of these actually mutate into different types of the same species.

What is difference between polluted water and contaminated water?

polluted water is more dangerous for use and contaminated water is poisiones then polluted

Is there pollution in Algeria?

Yes it is Polluted mostley the Rivers and Costal Waters

How has the river tyne been polluted?

the river tyne has been polluted by oil spills by people using the waters also by people

What waters do great barracudas swim in?

Most barracuda swim in waters close to mangroves or reefs.Most of the time, they are nice,clear,calm waters were there are smaller fish they can eat.