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Yes it depend how they reflet on your eyes...only if u have hazel eyes they are most likley to change brown.

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Q: Is it possible for the rain to change eye color?
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How does honey change your eye color?

Honey does not change your eye color. It just tastes good.

How can you permantely change your eye color?

You can permanently change your eye color by getting eye surgery

How can I change my eye color?

You can get contact lenses in a different color. You can not actually change the color of your eye balls.

Can you change your eye color naturally?

kind of. Hazel eyes i believe can change. they usually change green and blue!--------------------- It is possible for the some eye colours to change naturally depending on light. I have Hazel eyes and they range from dark brown to bright green and yellow depending on how bright the light shining on them is. However, it is not possible for eyes to change colour permenantly, like from blue to green.

Can honey be used to lighten eye color?

Honey can not change your eye color.

How do you change eye color in a picture?

If you have programs on your computer that let you get rid of red eyes you could change the eye color by clicking the color you want.

Is there a way to change your eye color?


Does your eye color change to your surroundings?


Why does your eye change color?

They dont

Can the sun change your eye color?


How does the baby's eye color change?

the baby's eye color changes because it's hungry

The human eye interprets a change in wavelength as a change of what?