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yes it is easily controlled.

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Q: Is it true that The strength of an electromagnet is easy to control?
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True or false an electromagnet must include a coil of wire?

A magnetic field is induced by pushing current though a wire; so you could consider a straight wire an electromagnet. Using more coils will strenghten the electromagnet, though, so a straight wire version will be very weak comparitively.

True or False The strength of the magnetic poles in an electromagnet decreases with an increase in the number of turns of wire and the current flowing through them.?

F=N*I so directly proportional

A stereo speakers uses an electromagnet to move the cone?

True .

True or false The device that turns a needle in a galvanometer is called an electromagnet.?


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Is An electromagnet is a solenoid with a piece of ferromagnetic material within it?


The device that turns a needle in a galvanometer is called an electromagnet?


What would happen if you placed a compass near an electromagnet?

You would not get a true reading any longer. The forces of the electromagnet are greater than the natural magnetism of the Earth.

Physical strength tends to decline in old age true or false?

It is true that physical strength tends to decline in old age.

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Almost: an oligarchy is a type of government controlled by a small group of very wealthy individuals who control the political process. Control of a government by military means is called a military dictatorship, while control of a government due to social position is now obsolete (think of the French nobles in the late1700's).

How is the strength of dispersion forces related to the number of electrons in a molecule?

strength = molar mass = number of electrons

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