Is sandstone used on the roof?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. Slate is used as a roofing tile.

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Q: Is sandstone used on the roof?
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Why would sandstone not be a good choice for roof tiles?

It's not waterproof

How is sandstone used in every day life?

SandStone is used to build buildings.

What rock is used to build gateway of india?


What rock is used to make jaisalmer fort?

red sandstone

Why was red sandstone used in Mughal architecture?

Local availability of red sandstone.

What was used in the construction?


What is sanstone used for?

Sandstone is used for stuff

Is sandstone a natural resource?

Yes. Sandstone is a natural resource, and it is used for such purposes as construction.

What material was used in the construction of Lahore fort?

rock materials are used in red fort like red sandstone, marble, precious stones.

What is a gladding sandstone?

There is no term 'gladding' sandstone. There is a 'cladding' sandstone that is used to line commercial buildings. This is a type of rock that is lightweight and easy to install. It is often used on exterior finishes or even as siding.

How did they build angkor what?

they used sandstone

Why is sandstone good for its use?

it is used for building