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Q: Is sliterbon better than hurricane harber?
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Is sliterbon better than hurricane harbor?

hurricane harber

Is hurricane Andrew better than hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Andrew wasn't as bad or as strong as Katrina, if that's what you mean.

Is the opera house older than the harbor bridge?

the sydeny Harber brigh is older then the Oprah housw

When did the Pearl Harber Battle officaly end?

Approximately 1000 hrs; less than 2 hrs after it started.

Is hurricane Isaac bigger than sandy?

No. Hurricane Sandy was far larger than Hurricane Isaac.

What hurricane was werse than Hurricane camille?

The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

Is hurricane Irene worst than hurricane Andrew?


How are Saucony Hurricane women's running shoes better than other running shoes?

The women's Saucony Hurricane running shoes are made for longer distance road races for runners who tend to pronate their foot. They offer great support and balance, so this is why they may be 'better' than another shoe.

Will New Orleans be better or worse than before Hurricane Katrina?

No one knows for sure.. it up to the city and the people..

Was it a month till hurricane rita come after hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Rita formed a little less than a month after Hurricane Katrina.

Why did fewer people die during hurricane Andrew than during the similar storm that hit Florida in 1928?

Because of better building code, better weather forecasting technologies, and better awareness and preparedness.

Why did Curtis Wilkie write words triumph over images?

To explain why he thought newspapers did a better job of covering Hurricane Katrina than other media