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yes, the Amazon rainforest is the biggest.

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yes is the biggest in the world

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Q: Is the amozon rainforest the biggest rainforest?
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Where is the amozon rainforest?

The Amozon Rainforest is located somewhere in South America

Where is Amozon rainforest loceated in?

Mostly in Brazil.

Which countries is the Amazon Rainforest located in?

mostly the amozon rainforest is located in Brazil

Where is the largest rain forest in latin America?

amozon rainforest

How many animals are in the amozon rainforest?

plenty including piranha they live in the amazon

What kind of birds eat poison dart frogs in a rainforest?

amozon ground snakes eat them

What animals live in the amozon rainforest?

Birds, trees, rocks, mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, and hobos.

Were is the amozon rainforest?

WRONG. south America. in Peru, Brazil, and other countries. not just Brazil. it runs throughout the entire south American continent. only a small fraction of, not amozon.

What layer of the Amazon Rain forest does the Annatto plant live in?

what layer of the amozon rainforest does the anatto plant live in

What are brazil's famous landmarks?

Some famous landmarks are the Christ the Reedemer and this palace in the city of Rio De Janerio, The amazon river,and The Amazon Rain ForestHere is another website that is very interesting for the topic of thke Amozon Rainforest, . This website is very helpful if you type in the Amozon Rainforest on their website.

What is the amozon rainforest?

in the amazon rainforest there are a lot of trees, and lots of wild animals like tucans monkeys and lots of ather animals even poisonous ones,be careful! elimac3

What is the second biggest rainforest?

the 2nd biggest rainforest in the world other than the Amazon is the Congo rainforest in Africa.

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