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Q: Is the climate in India tropical temperature or arctic climate?
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In which temperature zone is India located?

There are a variety of climate zones in India. These include tropical wet climate, savanna climate, as well as tropical semi-arid (steppe) climate.

The majority of India has what kind of climate?

usally a tropical climate.

Major types of climate of India?

the types of climate are tropical climate , subtropical climate

What is the climate were white tigers live?

white tigers live in India so in India the climate is hot and tropical climate

What is India's climate region?

India's climate region is tropical. It is hot, humid, and sometimes dry. This is entirely dependent on the region.

Houses in India in sub tropical climate?

ya mum

What kind of climate does the southwestern tip in India have?

India does not have a southwestern tip. The south of India comes to a point (Cape Camorin) - the Southern Tip. This has a tropical climate.

What kind of climate does the southwestern tip of India have?

Tropical rain forest

What is indias climate like?

India's climate varies from tropical moonsoons in the south, to temperate in the north. hoped that helped :), -85jadedragon (Runescape username)

What climates inhibit population settlement in India?

Climate change creates monsoons and cultivation will suffer.

Why is the climate of Norway different from that of India?

Norway is near the cold Arctic Circle, while India is near the warm Equator.

How cold can it get in Asia?

Asia spans many different climate zones from sub-arctic to tropical. The western area of Asia surrounded by mountains, receives a harsh highland climate and can get down to -40 degrees. The eastern side of Asia, receives hot humid summers averaging 90 degrees and mild to cold winters averaging 20 to 50 degrees.