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Yes. September is the peak of hurricane season and hurricanes can produce tornadoes.

Florida is a tornado prone state and has had tornadoes in every month of the year.

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Q: Is there a risk of tornado in Orlando in September?
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Is there going to be a tornado in Orlando Florida?

It is inevitable that Orlando will eventually have a tornado, as it is in a tornado prone area. However we won't know when the next one will be until it actually happens.

Is April 27th 2014 the first high risk day with a 30 percent hatched tornado risk to not have a PDS tornado watch?

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When did tornado kissimmee start and end?

The Kissimmee, Florida tornado started about 5 miles southwest of Kissimmee or about 15 miles south of Orlando and moved northeast through Kissimmee. It dissipated about 20 miles east of the eastern edge of Orlando.

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Is September tornado season in the Caribbean?


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