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There is no lightning or thunder during the majority of typhoons. However, lightning and thunder have been occasionally reported during typhoons.

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Q: Is there lightning and thunder during typhoon?
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Why does thunder ussually occur during storms that have lightning flashes?

The thunder is the sound of lightning but you only hear the thunder after the flash because lightning is faster than the speed of sound.

What is a strong intense weather system with rain thunder wind and lightning called?

A hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone; depending on where it occurs.

How should be thunder formed during rain?

it is formed by the lightning... and the lightning puts off sound and so there you have it thunder in the rain....

What happens during a lightening storm?

Thunder and lightning

Does thunder cause lightning or does lightning cause thunder?

Lightning causes thunder

Does thunder come before or after rain?

before or after it all depends on temperture Thunder comes before and during the rain. Thunder is an aftereffect of lightning. Rain has no effect on thunder. Therefore lightning [and thunder] can occur before, during, or after rain, or even without any rain [some people then call it "dry lightning"].

Does lightning only strike during thunderstorms?

A thunder storm is one in which a large amount of thunder is heard. Thunder is caused by lightning; it would be more correct to say that a thunderstorm only occurs with lightning strikes.

When is thunder and lightning most likely to occur?

During thunderstorms

What is the result of the lightning during the storm?

released energy, thunder.

What is the relationship of thunder and lightning?

Lightning is the cause of thunder.

Which can you see thunder or lightning?

Thunder is the sound of lightning.

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