Is upper mantle solid or liquid?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is solid.

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Q: Is upper mantle solid or liquid?
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Is the earth a solid or a liquid?

Both. The upper mantle is solid and the lower mantle is liquid.

What is the state of matter in the upper mantle?


What are the two tyoes of mantle and how are they differet?

the upper mantle (lithosphere) which is solid in nature and the lower Mantle (mesosphere)which is liquid in nature

Is lower mantle liquid or solid?

Yes the upper mantle is solid. The lower mantle however is not.

What is the state of matter of the Earth's upper mantle?

The Earth's upper mantle is composed of solid rock that flows through liquid rock, also known as lava.

What rock can flow like a liquid?

the rock that can flow like a liquid is a mantle because the mantle has two parts. The upper part is the solid rock. The solid rock of the mantle is part is the lithosphere. Below the solid rock, the mantle rock has the ability to flow like a liquid. Most of the mantle is made up of rock that can flow. Sanjida Ahmed 752/753

Where is the mantle found?

In geology, the mantle is the upper semi-liquid layer of the earth's core just underneath the solid crust we all live on.

Is the mantle a solid or a liquid?


Is the earths mantle a solid or liquid?

Well, it's made up of compressed rock. Another person asked this question and this is the answer: "The Earth's mantle, other than the uppermost hard, rocky layer, is composed of rock in a pliable solid state." Hope this helps and answers your question.

What layer is directly beneath the Earth's crust is it a solid liquid or gas?

The Earth's crusts floats on the so-called upper mantle. The upper Mantle is predominantly solid but it can act like a fluid. You could compare it to soft plastic in that respect.

Is mantle a gas liquid or a solid?


Is the lower mantle of the Earth a solid or liquid?

the lower mantle of earth is a solid