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Q: Killing on large scale leading to destruction of large section of people is known as?
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What was the effect of the tsunami in Japan?

Destruction killing people, crops, and property

What did industrialization cause world war 1?

New and more effective ways of killing people led to more destruction.

What did industrialization cause in World War 1?

New and more effective ways of killing people led to more destruction.

What or who was Mitch in the bringer of destruction to Honduras?

Mitch was a hurricane that struck Central America in the autumn of 1998, killing thousands of people in Nicaragua and Honduras.

What are einsatgruppen?

The German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 raised the killing of Jews to a new level. Now Hitler called for the total destruction of all Europe's Jews. What he proposed- the killing of an entire people- is called genocide. at first, the bloody work was carried out by mobile killing units- Einsatzgruppen

Why were the 1970s a time to fear in Argentina?

Military officers again took control of argentina killing thousands of people leading ALL of argentina in fear

Why guns are for protecting people and not for killing people?

Guns are to protect people and not for killing people because killing people for no reason is a crime but killing people to protect your self is not a crime

How Combustion leading to environmental pollution and ways and means to check pollution?

combustion leading to environmental pollution is killing thousands of people everyday. there are many ways and meana to check pollution. 1. by keeping surveys. 2.

Is cocaine a potential problem in our society?

Cocaine is not a "potential" problem in our society, it is a real problem, resulting daily in the destruction of the lives of otherwise productive people, the destruction of families, the sexual abuse of children, the killing of street rivals, and the proliferation of biker gangs and other disgusting goofs.

What gun causes the most destruction?

Guns do not cause destruction. They may be used by people that cause destruction.

Which endangered species threaten the most species?

Some People will think its Pollution and killing but the main cause is people Building on The animals Habitat

Hurricanes how do they affect the coastal plains region?

by killing people