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The process by which plants and leaves give off water is called "Transpiration".
Through the stomata on the leaves.

This process is called transpiration.

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Q: Leaves give off water in the process called?
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What is the process called by which leaves give of water?


What is the name of the water cycle process where plants give of water vapor to the atmosphere?

The process is called transpiration, whereby water vapor is released through the stomata of plant leaves. A different process that releases liquid water from the xylem is called guttation.

What do the Trees and other plants give off water vapor through the process of?

Trees and other plants give off water vapor through their aerial parts (stomata) during a process called transpiration.

What is the process by which plante give off water vapor through their leaves?


What process is called by which plants give off water?


What do plants make with sunlight air and water?

they make sugar and give off carbon dioxide :)

Does the transpiration occurs in a plant when A The leaves trap an insect B The leaves give off water or C The roots give off water?

B - When leaves give off water.

What is it called when the plants give off water through their leaves?

Transpiration; it occurs through the stomata of the plants.

Do leaves give oxygen?

Leaves are a part of a plant. Plants TAKE IN carbon dioxide and GIVE OFF oxygen.THEREFORE, leaves do not give oxygen. :D Leaves are however key part of the photosynthesis process.

How does a plant give out air?

Plant leaves have tiny pores called stomota. Carbon dioxide and oxygen enter and leave through the stomata respectively in the process called photosynthesis. In Photosynthesis the leaves absorb sunlight, and combine the atmospheric carbon dioxide and water to make sugar and oxygen. Then oxygen is given out.

Where do plants get the water they need for the process of photosynthesis?

They use rainwater which travels up the stem to the leaves to give them nutrients and help the plant grow.

How do trees give off water vapor?

Water vapour leaves the leaves of a tree through pores in their surface.