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Plato Users: Troposphere.

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Q: Most human activities take place in what sphere?
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Most human activities take place in which layer of the atmosphere?

Most human activities take place in the layer of the atmosphere known as the troposphere. This is the lowest part of the atmosphere of the earth.

Which is the most important sphere for human life?

All the sphere's are important for the human life.

There are four layers in the atmosphere Most human activities take place in the?

The Troposphere

What is cause of most pollution?

Human activities.

What is the earliest and most popular activities of mankind?


Which human activity is most responsible for the other three human activities?

global warning

What is the effects of human activities on soil pH?

There are positive and negative effects of human activities on soil ph. In some cases where land is tilled the pH has increased but most areas have lower soil pH due to human activities.

What is the most commion greenhouse gas emitted from human activities?


When do french students do activities?

for most schoolchildren, activities are often taking place on the Wednesday afternoon or on Saturdays.

Most human activites take place in what part of the ozone layer?

Most human activities in the ozone layer take place on their way through it, to or from space. We are testing yet more aircraft that will rip through it and spew more water vapor into the ozone layer from above, but we are not there yet. Most of what we do to the ozone layer drifts up from the ground, and our furious toings and froings.

Most ocean pollution comes from?

most ocean pollution comes from human activities and natural occurences

Where do most third- level activities take place in the world?