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Mountains are a kind of landform. A landform is a term that describes the shape of a natural land feature.

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Q: Mountain are an example of what kind of landform?
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What kind of landform are at the mountains?

Well, a mountain is a landform, therefore, it's a mountain

What kind of landform is the rocky mountain region?

the Himalaya's

What is a good sentence for landforms?

The mountain is an example of a landform.

Which landform looks likea mountain but is smaller?

hill is the landform but smaller than the mountain

What landform is usally in ranges and is higher than surrounding land?

They are mountain ranges, or mountain chains, the Himalayan Mountain Range being one example.

What is the hightest kind of landform called?

Mountains, specifically the Himalayan mountain range which are the tallest in the world.

Is the highest kind of landform called?

the highest kind of landform is geupo.

Pacific mountain and valley system is what landform what us landform?

Cheeks of my dog

What is Tennessee's highest landform?


What is earth's highest landform?

Earth's highest landform is mountains. The tallest mountain is Mount Everest (8850m and still increasing).

Is a mountain a land form?

Yes. It is a landform.

What is a surface feature such as a hill or mountain?