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There are many arid climates on the earth. An arid climate receives very little rainfall. The large deserts of the world like the Sahara, Gobi and Great Sandy deserts are all arid climates. Antarctica is another arid climate, it is the worlds largest cold desert. In the US, Death Valley, California receives less than two inches of rain a year.

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Q: Places in the world where there are little rainfall?
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Is the sky usually cloudless in places where there is little rainfall?


What is a 7 letter word for places with very little rainfall?


What is a large area of the world with too much rainfall to be a desert but too little rainfall to support a forest?

A grassland

Where do floods not happen?

On steep hillsides as well as places which have very little rainfall - such as the Tibetan plateau.

What is a little rainfall mean?

when its not a lot of rainfall

Why does the United Arab Emirates get little rainfall?

it gets little rainfall because it is a desert

How are desertformed?

Places which get very little rainfall gradually become deserts cutting of trees and overgrazing have increased the spread of deserts areas.

Why are semiarid places sparsely populated?

It is quite hot and there is little rainfall therefore weeds grow more than cultivated crops.

How are a desert and a shrub similar?

They are not similar. A desert is a region of the world that receives little rainfall. A shrub is a plant.

How do plants live in arid places?

Arid environments or environments where there is very little rainfall can be difficult for plants to thrive in. Some plants have adapted to retain water and survive on very little.

What type of land receves very little rainfall?

Deserts receive little rainfall.

What happens to places near the sea?

They have rainfall