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Puzzle pieces.

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Q: Plates in the earth fit together like?
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What is the structure of most tectonic plates?

Tectonic plates fit together like a jigsaw puzzel that makes up the earth.

How do tectonic plates fit together?

Thay fit together like a jigsaw puzzle

Do scientist think the earth surface is broken into huge plates that fit together but move slowly?

Yes. They think the earth's crust (where we are right now), is broken into huge plates (the continents) that fit together, but move very slowly. Thank you for asking.

The plates that make up the crust fit together like pieces of a?

ask a scientist

How did scientist find out about pangaea?

The shape of the continents and how they fit together like puzzle pieces, the tectonic plates.

How does the theory of plate tectonics explain what happened in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake?

The earth is covered by plates of stone and dirt, that fit together pretty well but not like a puzzle. When they grate together they form fault lines. Mountain ranges are the plates, when the plates ht one went up and the other when down. Most of them are still going up. San Francisco was (and is) built on a fault line and every once in a while the plates shift and there is an earth quake.

What do you call the giant pieces of the earth that are always moving?

The giant pieces of the Earth that are always moving are called tectonic plates. They are large, rigid pieces of the Earth's lithosphere that fit together like a puzzle and float on the semi-fluid asthenosphere beneath them. The movement of these tectonic plates, known as plate tectonics, is responsible for shaping the Earth's continents, causing earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the creation of mountain ranges.

How are continents and tectonic plates related?

The Earth's continents "ride" on its tectonic plates. The plates cover the whole surface of the Earth so that they are underneath both the oceans and the continents. Every plate moves alongside its neighbouring plates, either by sliding underneath or by slipping sideways, so a good way to think of the Earth's tectonic plates is to realize that they they all fit together like a huge jigsaw puzzle in which all the pieces are continually sliding against or under one another.

Why do south america and africa seem to fit together?

South America and Africa look like they fit together because they once did. Long ago the Atlantic Ocean formed as the two continental plates drifted apart.

Why are tectonic plates like the pieces of a jig saw puzzle?

well, because they are formed by deformation of the earth's crust, so as they break off they are like pieces of a puzzle that could fit back on the earth.

Why do earthquakes take place near faults?

The surface of the earth is made up of tectonic plates that fit together a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. They move around slowly, but sometimes the plates will converge, creating heat & pressure. The heavier plate willsub ductbelow the other at the fault line, resulting in an earthquake as the plates slip & the energy is released in the form of an earthquake.

Describe the structure of most tectonic plates?

tectonic plates fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that makes up the surface of earth. you could compare the lithosphere to the cracked shell of hard - boiled egg. the shell may be broken into many pieces but it still forms a crust around the egg itself.