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you cant stop it because too many people dont listen.

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Q: Pollution plus Why can't you stop it?
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Why can't you stop pollution we can't stop pollution because its happening to quikly?

we cant stop polution because there are too much greenhouse gasses being let out. and george is cool

What would the future be like if you cant stop air pollution?

most likely that if the air pollution is not stoped the world will be a dark place in about 1oo years or so

How do stop land pollution?

you can stop land pollution by recycling.

How do you stop radioactive pollution?

we can stop this pollution by throwing booms.

How do you stop personal pollution?

by cleaning our bowls we can stop personal pollution

What are the top ten slogans to stop pollution on earth?


How do you stop pollution in Hindi language for all types of pollution?

we can stop pollution by keep our surroundings clean by throwing wastage in the dustbin.

Which12 Nations have pollution?

All of them. You cant populate an area and not have pollution as a result.

Can you stop air pollution?

you can stop by smoking

How do you stop fish deaths caused by pollution?

You stop the polution.

What can you do as a group to stop water pollution?

to stop using polythene's

What is the remedy for pollution?

We can stop the pollution by growing more trees and stoping deforestation