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Q: Removal or movement of broken down bits of material?
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Can bone come out with a tooth removal?

No, but you often have bits of hard material surfacing in the socket which you can pick out. You would be forgiven for thinking it's bone. Your tooth is actually sort of cemented into the bone, for want of a better description, and it's bits of this material that you are seeing. I have personally had bits surfacing for a week after.

What does creep erosion mean?

the process by which bits of broken rock are carried away and the slow downhill movement of rock and soil.

Why do they make left hand drill bits?

They are mainly intended for extracting screws or fittings that are broken off in a material. The opposite twist will often pull out broken bolts.

What are broken bits of ancient pottery?


What happens when a rock is broken into small bits?

it breaks

What are broken bits of stone called?

This is called gravel

Is picked up bits a noun?

Verb, adverb, noun combination: We picked up bits of the broken glass.Noun phrase (picked is an adjective here) as object of the verb: We bagged the picked up bits of broken glass.

What do you call bits of broken off rocks?

Smaller rocks.

What do you call the tiny bits the internet is broken up into?


Can you allways see bits of a broken mirror on the floor when they are so small?


Which describes bits of material that fall to earth after an eruption?


What is brickle bits?

Brickle is a type of candy, like peanut brickle. Bits means the brickle is broken up into small pieces.