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it should be safely stored at 200 farrenhight or 80 degrees celsius

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Q: Should milk be stored at about 4 degrees celsius?
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What is the best temperature of milk?

Pasteurized fluid milk should be stored at 40°F or below. Plan on reduced shelf life of one day for every degree above 40°F. Temperature is the most important factor. Bacteria can grow rapidly in milk above 40°F. So milk is pasteurized to reduce harmful bacteria to safe levels.

Does milk freeze at 0.53 and - 0.56 degrees Celsius?

No, milk will not freeze at 0.530c

What is boiling point of half cream half milk?

196 degrees Fahrenheit or 99 degrees Celsius

Do you feed newborn rabbits warm or cold milk?

should be warmed to about 4683 degrees celsius, then give it to the rabbit right away dont let it cool off.

What temperature does milk chocolate freeze?

All things freeze at 1 degrees Celsius, no matter whether it is milk chocolate or not.

At which temperature should dairy foods be stored?

Hi, Remember temperature is the most important factor. Harmful bacteria can grow rapidly in milk above 40F.So you always boil the milk to kill harmful bacteria. One another simple way is,Refrigeration is the single most important factor in maintaining the quality of milk. By law, Grade A milk must be maintained at a temperature below 40F.

Where should milk be best stored riddle?

In a cow

What is the final equilibrium temperature when 15 grams of milk at 22 degrees Celsius is added to 185 grams of coffee at 86 degrees Celsius?

If coffee and milk have the same thermal coefficient then: (15*22 + 185*86)/200 = 81 (81,2 rounded off due to significant digits)

What will happen if the evaporated milk stored at room temperature in 25 hours?

Evaporated milk that is stored at room temperature for a total of 25 hours should be discarded. At this point, the milk will begin to sour and will eventually mold.

How do you tell milk is at 65 degrees celsius?

Stick a thermometer in the milk and if it's not 65°C make it so that it's 65°C. P.S. I like pie. If you don't ¦-( to you!

In making yogurt why do you need to cool the milk to 50 degrees Celsius?

You have to cool the milk to 50 degrees celsius or less before adding the starter culture because otherwise all the microorganism you will use for fermentation will die and the fermentation won't take place. Most of the bacteria (Lactobacillus, usually) need 37 degrees celsius for growing and fermentation. Temperatures higher than their optimum temperature will decrease their grown and the fermentation process will be slow or can kill these bacteria.

Does frozen milk thaw faster than frozen water?

In general, water with stuff dissolved in it has a lower freezing temperature than pure water. Milk is just water with stuff (fats, sugars, proteins) dissolved in it so it's freezing temperature should be lower than 0 degrees Celsius (the freezing temperature of water).Therefore, if you started with both frozen milk and frozen water at say -10 degrees Celsius and started slowly heating them both, the frozen milk will start thawing (melting) before the frozen water.