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Sodium and potassium are two very important micronutrients of the body. They are present in every cells of the body, Sodium (Na), normally outside the cells (in the extra-cellular fluid) and Potassium (K), normally inside the cell (in the cytoplasm) . By changing the balance of which of them are in a greater percentage inside and outside the cells , they are able to create membrane potential, which are necessary for the nerve impulses. (See sodium/potassium pumps, please) They are also electrolytes, maintaining the body's proper fluid balance. More info could be find on related links.

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Q: Sodium and potassium are found mostly in what part of the body?
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Is potassium an electrolyte?

Yes Pottasium is an Electrolyte, you see a electrolyte is a mineral that that disolves in water, and carries an electric current.In your body, potassium, sodium and chloride are the electrolyte minerals. Since the body is made mostly of water, these electrolytes can be found everywhere in your body.

What is the metal that is found in your body in ion form?

Examples: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium etc.

What are the functions of sodium in the body?

sodium along with potassium maintains the electrolyte balance in our body

What has sodium and potassium have in common?

Sodium and potassium are two elements that the body needs to survive. Without them, the body cannot process nutrients needed to sustain life.

The principal cations in your body fluids are?

Sodium and Potassium

Are lithium sodium potassium rubdium and cesium needed by the human body?

Lithium: No Sodium: Yes Potassium: Yes Rubidium: No cesium: No

What are two electrolytes that help maintain the body's water balance?

Potassium and Sodium. Sodium is the main electrolyte involved in maintaining water balance within the body. When the sodium level becomes too high, an urge to drink water, (I.E. Thirst) develops increasing water intake. When the sodium level becomes low, the kidneys produce more urine to help maintain the balance.

What minerals is the major positively charged ion inside body cells?


Does Sodium affect other minerals?

Sodium may promote the loss of calcium and potassium from the body

What does the hormone aldosterone regulate?

Sodium and Potassium.

What are the Electrolyte's present in the body?

Important electrolytes in the human body are potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Why you use potassium instead of sodium in higher blood pressure?

Potassium is a mineral used to help lower blood pressure and moderate electrolytes in the body. Sodium is basically salt, and large quantities in the body creates high blood pressure. So, it is important to have sufficient potassium, or Vitamin K, and lower sodium or salt. Potassium is good. Too much for sodium is bad.