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Glass does not typically "break" at any temperature. If you want to be technical, the melting point of glass is 2600-2900 °F.

Now, another important and relevant fact is that when things are hot, they grow very slightly larger due to their molecular composition. When something is very hot and is suddenly made much cooler, it will quickly shrink back to normal. When fragile things like glass are cooled down too fast, the shape change is enough to crack or break them.

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Q: Temperature glass breaks
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Why does a glass break when it gets cold?

Thermal Shock glass breaks due to un even surface temperature.

Can the glass break while glass blowing them?

Yes, the glass during glass blowing can break if the worker isn't careful. Whether it breaks depends on many factors, such as temperature of the material, how thinly the glass is blown, and skill of the glass blower.

When was Everybody Breaks a Glass created?

Everybody Breaks a Glass was created on 2011-07-19.

Why glass breaks due to temperature change?

Glass isn't really a solid - it's a 'super-cooled liquid' - sudden temperature change causes 'thermal shock' where the outer surface expands or contracts quicker than the rest of the glass - causing it to break.

Which term describes the uneven way that glass breaks?


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When do glass breaks?

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Can you store muriatic acid in glass?

Yes but glass breaks easily

If you don't touch a glass vase glass and it randomly breaks is it bad luck?

NO, the maker did a very poor job, or when you moved it from the store (or wherever you got it from ) the glass probably broke. sometimes it could be temperature but I don't think that's why :o

Why vibrations in metal rod breaks glass?

i think that when we touch a vibrating metal rod with a glass the sound energy gets converted to mechanical energy which the particles of glass can't manage and thus glass breaks.

How does temperature effect glass?

Temperature affects glass like it does anything else. If the temperature of glass gets high enough, it will melt. There is not a typical melting point for glass, as it depends on the composition.

What does glass breaking mean?

What does it mean when a glass automatically breaks around you? somebody please answer...??

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