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same size. Between freezing water and boiling water, there are 180 Fahrenheit degrees (32 to 212)

and 100 Celsius degrees (0 to 100).

So Fahrenheit degrees are smaller, because it takes more of them to cover the same

range of temperature.

1 Fahrenheit degree = 5/9 of a Celsius degree (0.555...)

1 Celsius degree = 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees

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Q: The Fahrenheit scale has a blank degree size than the Celsius scale?
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What does 22F in a C mean?

Convert the temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit into a Celsius scale temperature. 22 degree Fahrenheit = -5.5555556 degree Celsius

40 degrees below zero celsius is what degree fahrenheit?

This is the only temperature where it coincides between the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. 40 degrees below zero on the Celsius scale is 40 degrees below on the Fahrenheit scale.

What is the difference between Fahrenheit and celsius temperature scale?

Fahrenheit and Celsius scales both measure temperature in "degrees", but the value of a "degree" is different in the two scales. This is because the numerical values for the same temperature are different in each scale. The Fahrenheit scale establishes the freezing and boiling points of water at 32 °F and 212 °F , while the Celsius scale lists these temperatures as 0°C and 100 °C. So a degree Fahrenheit is smaller, only 5/9 as large as a degree Celsius. 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees cover the same temperature scale as 1 Celsius degree. When a very high temperature is expressed in degrees C, it is 1.8 times as hot in Fahrenheit.

What one degree change in temperature on the Celsius temperature scale is equal to a one unit temperature change on the what temperature scale?

No, the "degrees" have the same name but are different sizes. (Celsius degrees are larger intervals than Fahrenheit degrees.) A change of 1 degree Celsius is the same as a change of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

A 1.00-degree increase on the Celsius scale is equivalent to a 1.80-degree increase on the Fahrenheit scale. The temperature of a fluid increases by 48.0 and degC. What is this increase in degrees Fah?

It is a change of 86.4 Fahrenheit degrees.

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What is greater - a 1 degree rise in the Celsius scale or a 1 degree rise in Fahrenheit scale?

A one degree rise on the Celsius scale is bigger. A one degree rise on the Celsius scale is 1.8 rise on Fahrenheit scale.

What is 37.0 degree celsius on the Fahrenheit scale?

37 degrees Celsius = 98.6 Fahrenheit.

What is 68 degrees Celsius in the Fahrenheit scale?

68 degree celsius = 154.4 Fahrenheit

Which is greater -a 1 degree rise in the celsius scale or a 1degree rise in Fahrenheit scale?

The Celsius degree (which is also the Kelvin) is equal to 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees.

How do degrees Celsius relate to degrees Fahrenheit?

The Celsius scale has its 'zero' at the same temperature as 32 on the Fahrenheit scale, and each Celsius degree is the same size as 1.8 Fahrenheit degrees.

Does 1.0 Fahrenheit or 1.0 Celsius correspond to larger temperature change?

A degree in the Celsius scale is larger than one in the Fahrenheit scale.

On which temperature scale does 1 degree represent the smallest change in temperature?

The Fahrenheit scale change of 1 degree is smallest when compared to Celsius change. 1.8 degrees Celsius is 1 degree Fahrenheit

What is 98 degree Fahrenheit on the Celsius scale?

98ºF = 36.7ºC

What does 22F in a C mean?

Convert the temperature of 22 degrees Fahrenheit into a Celsius scale temperature. 22 degree Fahrenheit = -5.5555556 degree Celsius

Are celsius scale degree larger than Fahrenheit degree?

A "degree" on the Celsius scale is larger than a "degree" on the Fahrenheit scale. There are 100 equal intervals (degrees) between 0 °C and 100 °C, the freezing and boiling points of water. There are 180 equal intervals between those same temperatures on the Fahrenheit scale (32 °F and 212 °F). That makes each Celsius degree 1.8 times as large (wide) an interval as the Fahrenheit degree. This is the basis for the "9/5" an "5/9" fractions in the conversion formulas (9/5 = 1.8). Some conversion formulas omit the fractions in favor of multiplying or dividing by 1.8, which is a single step. (see related questions)

Does 1 Celsius degree equal 2.2 Fahrenheit degrees?

No. On the Celsius scale, the degree intervals are 1.8 times as large, so that a Celsius "degree" and a Fahrenheit "degree" are not the same thing. (see related question)

What do you call the scale that water boils at 100 and freezes at 0?

Celsius A "degree" in Celsius is 1.8 times as large an interval as a "degree" in Fahrenheit. So changes in temperature will be 1.8 times as large on the Fahrenheit scale than on the Celsius scale. Answered by: desiree