The Taking in of air is called?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: The Taking in of air is called?
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Is parachite called air resistance?

No. But it's designed to do its job by taking advantage of air resistance.

What is act of taking in air as the diaphragm contract and pulls downward called?


What is taking away the oxygen called?

This is a reduction reaction.

How do you spell taking in air?

When you breathe in air, the process is called inhalingor inhalation.Breathing out is exhaling, and the overall process is known as respiration.

Is it still called aerodynamics underwater?

No underwater its called Hydrodynamic but its basicly the same with the power of liquid motion taking over for the gases in the air.

What was the open-air market to all Greek City-states?

The open air market to all Greek cities was called Agora and every day life was taking place there. The Roman equivalent was called Forum.

Why are aveoli called the functional units of the lungs?

Because they are the lining of the lungs that begin the process of taking oxygen out of the air and into the blood stream. They are the parts that actually coe into contact with the "air" and are therefore called the functional part of the lungs.

What is the name of the part of an air gun at the tip of the barrel used for taking aim?

The one in the front is called the "Front Sight". The one in the back is called the "Rear Sight".

Which structure actively helps in taking the air out of lungs?

i think diaphragm helps in taking air out o f lungs

What taking air into the lungs?


Amount of air pollution in Mumbai?

the vehicles are taking the air pollution

What are the changes taking place in your body including breathing in and out?

At the time of breathing diaphragm streaches and air comes in containing oxygen, as diaphragm constricts air containing carbon di oxide air comes out.This process is called as breathing.