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Rubidium; the next higher atomic numbered element in the same column of the Periodic Table always has a higher atomic radius, with some exceptions among transition elements due to the "lanthanide contraction". However, potassium and rubidium are not transition elements.

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Q: The atomic radius of potassium is smaller than the atomic radius of?
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Which has the smallest radius K Rb K Rb?

Potassium's atomic radius is smaller than rubidium's because potassium has fewer energy levels of electrons.

What happens to the atomic radius when an electron is lost?

the positive ionic radius is smaller than the neutral atomic radius

Is the atomic radius of potassium larger than of calcium?


What happens to an atomic radius when an electrons is lost?

The positive ionic radius is smaller than the neutral atomic radius

How does Magnesium's atomic radius compare to aluminum?

Magnesium's atomic radius is smaller than Calcium's.

Does an atom of fluorine have larger or smaller radius than an atom of iodine?


Which atom has the greater atomic radius Potassium or Krypton?

The potassium atom has a larger radius. When potassium loses an electron to become a cation (positively charged ion), it also loses the energy level in which the electron was. Therefore the potassium ion is smaller that the potassium atom.

Is boron atomicly bigger or smaller than Oxygen?

Boron has a larger atomic radius but a smaller atomic mass.

What atom has the largest atomic radius calcium iodine potassium or cesium?

Potassium. It has two extra shells than lithium.

What is smaller than the atomic radius of beryllium (Be)?

Generally, any element with a lower atomic number.

Which element has the smallest atomic radius phosphorus or tellurium?

Phosphorus (1.23 Å) has an atomic radius smaller than that of tellurium (1.42 Å).

What happens to atomic radius size of a cation and why?

The atomic radius of cation is smaller than its parent atom.This is because of the removal of electron from the parent atom.