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The most chemically active element is the halogen known as fluorine.


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Q: The most active of all the chemical elements is a halogen known as?
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What is the most active chemical element known as halogen?

Fluorine, F, is the most reactive element of all.

Does halogen pollute air?

The elements found in halogen has very rarely been known to cause any type of environmental issues. Because of this, there is very little information about halogen as a pollutant.

How many different chemical elements are there?

Now are known 118 chemical elements.

What are elements in group 17 called?


What is the force that attracts chemical elements to other elements?

The force that attracts chemical elements to other elements is known as the ionic bond. This will attract and hold chemical elements together.

Are there more than 1000 known elements?

There are 118 known chemical elements as of 2011.

How many chemical elements are found up to date?

Now (22.08.2012) 118 chemical elements are known.

Are there 50 different elements?

Today are known 118 chemical elements.

What are elements that enter into a chemical change known as?


115 k c e?

115 known chemical elements. However, that number is not accurate; there are really more than that now.

What are foreign elements in an organic compound?

Organic compounds may contain other elements than carbon, hydrogen and oxygen such as nitrogen ,halogen, sulphur, etc....these elements are known as foreign element.

What element has seven electrons on the outer shell?

Halogen elements, which are located in the 17th column of a periodic table that's formally known as "Group 17 (VIIA)". This column of elements consist of fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At). All of the above elements listed above have 7 electrons in the outer-shell.