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Q: The number of electrons in phosphate ion?
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How many electrons must be represented in the Lewis dot structure for the phosphate ion?

32 electrons

What is the shape of the phosphate ion?

PO4 3- is the phosphate ion If you add the total number of valence electrons you will get 32 as an answer. When you draw the bohr diagram of the ion you will find that the ion satisfies the octet rule. From the diagram below, you can see that ion will be a tetrahedral. Hope this helped! .. :O: .. l .. .. .. :O: - :P: - :O: .. .. .. l .. :O: ..

What is the valence number for calcium phosphate?

Calcium has valence of 2, forming the calcium ion Ca2+. The phosphate ion, PO43- contains five valent phosphorus and divalent oxygen along with three extra electrons. Compounds do not have a valence, atoms have a valence.

How many electrons will phosphorus gain or lose in forming an ion?

In phosphene it gain 4 electrons. Phosphate lose 4 electrons

How many lone pairs of electrons are represented in the Lewis structure of a phosphate ion?


How many valence electrons does the phosphate ion have?

Phosphate (PO4-3) has five valence electrons from phosphorus and six per oxygen atom for a total of 29.

What is the number of electrons for copper positive 1 ion?

The number of electrons for copper positive 1 ion is 28.

What is the chemical name of Na2CaPO4?

Di-sodium calcium phosphate. The PO4 ion has four missing valence electrons; it would be happy to replace them, and it does by sharing four pairs of electrons to form four chemical bonds: two with Ca++ and two with Na+ two times.

What type of bond does phosphate have?

Phosphate ions have covalent bonds inside the ion (and three excess electrons too).

What is the number of protons and electrons for Lithium ion?

Lithium ion is Li^1+ and the number of protons is 3 and the number of electrons is 2.

What is the oxidation number of Phosphorus in in a hydrogen phosphate ion?


What do you call an atom where the number of electrons is different from the number of protons?

An ion. If electrons are in excess over proton then it is negative ion. And if less then positive ion