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Oxygen exists as a diatomic molecule, two oxygen atoms bound together. Compounds are typically chemicals composed of two or more different elemets such as water for example (H2O). There are few other elements that also exist as diatomic molecules: hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, and I think Mercury does too. There may be others that I'm not aware of.

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Q: The oxygen you breathe is made up of two oxygen atoms bound together Why is oxygen a molecule but not a compound?
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Why is the water molecule or a compound?

The water molecule is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen sort of fused together.

Why is a compound different from an element?

a compound is many elements mashed together into one. water is H2O and is a compound. H2 for 2 hydrogen molecules, and O for 1 oxygen molecule. Oxygen is an element. When you give 1 oxygen molecule 2 hydrogen molecules it becomes a compound.

How does ozone differ from the oxygen you breathe?

An ozone molecule has 3 atoms of oxygen (O3), compared to the two-atom molecule (O2) that we breathe.

A substance composed of two or more atoms?

When two or more atoms combine, the product is a molecule.Examplestwo oxygen atoms combine to form a molecule of oxygen O2two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom combine to form a molecule of water H2OIf there are two or more elements in the molecule, the substance is a compound. Water is a compound; oxygen is not.

Is oxygen you breathe is a diatomic molecule?

yes it is

A group of two or more atoms strongly joined together is called a?

Two or more atoms joined together form a molecule. You can't say compound because you do not specify that the atoms are of different elements. You can have a molecule of oxygen because two or three atoms of oxygen can couple together by themselves, but it is not a compound, it is a molecule of oxygen.

Is this true the oxygen you breathe a diatomic molecule?


Is oxygen and hydrogen combined a molecular compound?

Water, H2O, is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen. It is considered a compound. That said, yes, oxygen and hydrogen combine to make a compound that is represented by the molecule H2O.

When two atoms of the element oxygen combine to form a molecule of oxygen the result is not a compound Why?

This is because a compound is a molecule of two different elements.

Are oxygen molecules bigger or smaller then nitrogen molecules?

No CO2 is carbon dioxide, which is a compound consisting of one carbon atom bonded to two oxygen atoms. Carbon dioxide is what you breathe out and what is produced by cars. O2 is simply atmospheric oxygen (what you breathe in). Most oxygen exists as two oxygen atoms bonded together.

Is an oxygen molecule a compound?

no, an example of a compound would be sugar (c6h12o6)

Is nitrogen a molecule and why?

No because it is a single atom, like oxygen. A molecule/compound is more than one atom connected together like water.