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Increases Density

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Q: The presence of water vapor in pure air?
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How do you show that water vapor is surrounding the air using foil and ice?

If you wanted to demonstrate the presence of water vapor in the air, wrapping an ice cube in foil would allow water to condense out of the air and onto the foil, due to the lower temperature of the foil compared to the air.

What is water vapor in air?

Water vapor in the air is water in the form of a gas.

How is potassium stored?

The pure metal must be stored under oil to protect it from oxygen and water vapor in the air.

How does water vapor enter the air?

Water vapor enters the air as water at the surface evaporates or as plants transpire water vapor from their leaves.

Are variables in evaporation?

For evaporation from a pure water surface, the rate of evaporation is proportional to the difference in vapor pressure between that of the water surface and that of the bulk air over it. The vapor pressure of water in turn depends on its temperature.

When does water vapor in the air condence when does water vapor in the air condence?

it vapor when the weather is wet and if your driving you can see it on your windshield

Are clouds a mixture or pure substance?

a cloud is a mixture of water vapor and dust(ground)

How does temperature affect amount of vapor in the air?

The warmer the temperature, the more water vapor in the air. The colder the temperature, the less water vapor in the air.

What is water vapor meassured with?

Water vapor in the air is practically the same as measuring the humidity that is in the air.

What is the water vapor content in the air?

It means how much water vapor is suspended in the air, or how humid it is.

Is air a pure elemental substance?

No. Air is a mixture of gases, predominantly nitrogen and oxygen but also including carbon dioxide, water vapor, and noble gases.

Why is there a limit on the amount of water vapor the air can hold?

It takes a lot of energy to turn water into water vapor. The amount of energy that the water gains to turn into water vapor begins to be transferred into the surrounding air. If the air is willing to take on more energy the water vapor condenses quicker. This is why hot air will hold more water vapor than cold air.