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Q: The process in which sediments moves slowly downhill mean?
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What is the process that slowly moves sediments fron one location to another?


What moves river water downhill while it is eroding sediments?


What form of mass movement occurs when a pasty mix of water and sediments moves downhill?

"mud slide"

What is the process that moves sediments fromone place to another?


What is the process that moves sediments away from one place to another place?


Is slump a glacier?

No. A glaciers is a slowly flowing mass of ice. A slump is a form of mass wasting in which a mass of rock or sediment breaks loose from a slope and moves relatively slowly downhill as a coherent mass.

The process in which a glacier loosens and picks up rock as it moves is called?

Plucking is the process in which a glacier freezes around cracked and broken rock and when it moves downhill, the rock is plucked from the back wall of the glacier.

Where does a River erode sediment?

sediments are transported by ocean rift, streams, river currents, wind (air). they are deposited according to size. The largest sediments are deposited first. The sediments settle into the sand and are carried by the stream. Near the mouth of the stream where the water moves slowly the small sediments settle out. The larger sediments get carried by the river into the sea then the samller sediments. The sea water dissolved minerals and soak the sediments and cement together. This eventually forms sediments.

Which creatures moves slowly?

A slug moves slowly and so does a snail

When a large volume of material moves downhill due to the influence of gravity what process is at work a.soil seepage b.sinkhole formation c.mass wasting d.saturation?

c.mass wasting

Naturally formed mass of ice and snow that moves downhill on land under the influence of gravity?

Naturally formed mass of ice and snow that moves downhill on land under the influence of gravity

What happens before a glacier forms?

Basically, it snows alot for a very long time, the snow piles up in a hollow on a mountainside, the snow becomes extremely pressurised and becomes ice, it then slowly moves downhill.