The rock at the bottom of an undisturbed sequence is?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The bottom is oldest.

The top is newest.

-From bottom to top is the equivalent of oldest to youngest in an undisturbed sequence.

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Q: The rock at the bottom of an undisturbed sequence is?
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What rock layer is the youngest?

The principle of superposition states that in an undisturbed sequence of rock layers, the youngest will be at the top, the oldest at the bottom.

What does Science know about an undisturbed sequence of rocks based on superposition?

That the youngest rock is on top while the oldest is at the bottom

How are the layers of rock if they are undisturbed?

The undisturbed rock layers are horizontal and in order of age from youngest nearest the surface to oldest at the bottom of the rock unit.

In undisturbed rocks The older rock on the bottom and the younger of the rocks are on top?


Which principle states that the pldest rock layer is found at the bottom in an undisturbed stack of rock layres?


The statement that old rocks are on the bottom in layers of undisturbed rock is called?

principle of superposition

When principle states that the oldest rock layer is found at the bottom in an undisturbed stack of rock layers?

It is called Superposition.

The concept that the oldest layer will be at the bottom in an undisturbed sequence of sedimentary strata is called the Principle of?


Can you use Law of Superposition in a sentence?

According to the Law of Superposition, any sequence of rocks in layers, undisturbed, youngest on top, oldest at bottom

What is the oldest sedimentary rock?

In an undisturbed strata, the oldest layers are at the bottom. It's called the law or principle of superposition.

How do you determine the order of rock layers?

The chronological order of rock layers is usually determined by their order in an undisturbed sequence of strata. According to the principle of superposition, the oldest layers would be found at the bottom and the youngest layers at the top. In disturbed rock layers (those that have been folded, uplifted, or generally disrupted by tectonic forces), the determination must be made based on the presence of index fossils, comparison to undisturbed strata or radiometric dating.

What is the name for the bottom oldest layer of rock?

The bottom layer of rock in a geologic sequence is usually called the basement layer.