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The term is deposition.

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Q: The term for dropping off sediments or rocks?
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What is nonclastic rock?

clastic rocks are rocks that are broken off other rocks or sediments of rocks and come from many rocks through erosion nonfoliated is the opposite

How do erosion and deposition work together to change the shape of land?

erosion moves, and depostion is dropping off sediments

The dropping off of bits of eroded rocks is called?

It's called deposition.

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What is the dropping off of weathered rock?

the dropping off of weathered rock is deposition

Why erosion and deposition maximum on mountains?

Mountains are NOT a place where deposition (of sediments) are at a maximum. However they ARE a place where erosion (of sediments) is at a maximum. This is because mountains are steep and there is therefore allot of energy in the water flowing off mountains. This energy breaks down and removes the rocks from which the mountains are made.

How was the bedrock formed in the lowlands?

When the mountains got eroded, sediments broke off, and rolled down the mountain into the lowlands, that were oceans at the time, and the pressure from all the rocks fused them together, making it a sheet of sedimentary rock.

How does a curve in a river affect the deposition of sediments?

I believe that the way it turns, it puts pressure on the rock and washes off pieces of sediments.

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What are three forces that can carry sediment?

Wind, water, and gravity, ice (i.e Glaciers with rocks frozen in them.) -Wind- Picks up sediment and blows it to another place - Water, Carries sediment with... flowing water - Gravity- Making sediments fall down (I.e landslides) - Ice - Rocks with ice in them. (i.e Glaciers with rocks frozen in them.) Falls off when thawed.

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