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Q: These are elevated landforms that are flat rather than peaked?
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What landforms best describes elevated flat land?

Plateau is the landform that best describes elevated flat land. A plateau is a flat-topped landform that is elevated above the surrounding area. It is characterized by its flat or gently sloping surface and is often found at higher altitudes.

Where can you find a plateau?

Anywhere reasonably - hills or mountains, have flat, or reasonably flat, tops.

Why the landforms are not flat?

Some landforms are flat and some are raised areas because it is created by nature and it is not manmade .

What are libias landforms?


What is low flat land?


What is a flat elevated landform?

Its a mesa

What is the difference between mountains and plateaus?

A plateau is a flat topped mountain or elevated area with a flat top. A mountain is tall. elevated, pointed structure.While mountains and plateaus are both elevated, plateaus are flat, whereas mountains slope.

What do you call a flat elevated region?


What is a plain?

A lowly elevated, flat surface.

What is an a flat topped elevated landform?

A mesa.

What is a flat-topped elevated landform?

Its a mesa

What landforms does the cayman islands have?

there really are no landforms in the Cayman Islands, it's mostly flat land.