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stationary front

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Q: Two air masses that meet and do not advance?
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What is it called where two cool air masses meet?

when to air masses meet it's called a front.

What are two types of air masses that occur and how ar air masses related to fronts?

Two types of air masses are cold and warm air masses. When they meet each other, a front forms.

What is the place were two air masses of different temperatures or moisture content meet?

a front is a meeting place between two air masses

When two air masses meet at a front air from both air masses typically?

Mixes together, causing precipitation

What happens when air masses meet fronts?

when two air masses meets at fronts,cyclonic rain occurs.

When two air masses meet a line how do it called?

It is called a front.

When two air masses meet we normally refer to this as?

A Tornado A Front.

when two air masses meet and neither of the two move the outher?

stationary front

What forms along the boundary where two contrasting air masses meet?

a front

What forms along boundary where two contrasting air masses meet?

a front

When two unlike air masses meet what usually keeps them separate?

Density differences is usually what would keep air masses separate.

What is formed when air masses meet?

It forms a front, which is a narrow zone. Also, severe weather can occur when two air masses meet. Along a front, precipitation can occur and cause weather changes.