Uses of peridotite rocks

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Peridotite rocks are coarse-grained, dark-colored igneous rocks. They are the main source of all chromium ore and naturally occurring diamonds. Their magnesium content helps mitigate global warming.

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Q: Uses of peridotite rocks
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What is unusual about peridotite and dunite?

They are the only two ignous rocks that are ultramafic.

What are four igneous rocks?

The four I know of are: gabbro, basalt, peridotite, and dolerite.

What are four Mafic Igneous rocks?

The four I know of are: gabbro, basalt, peridotite, and dolerite.

Can I get more examples of igneous rocks?

Peridotite, andesite, pumice, rhyolite, obsidian, granite, and basalt.

Which types of igneous rocks are composed of at least 50 percent olivine?

There are three intrusive igneous rocks that are composed of at least 50% olivine. These rocks are peridotite, kimberlite and dunite.

What rocks are found at transform boundaries?

At transform boundaries, two plates grind past each other with no loss of material from the lithosphere. Rocks found at these boundaries are peridotite and gabbro.

What are rocks that come from the mantle?

Rocks of the mantle are peridotite, dunite, and eclogite. In deeper regions, the olivine may be replaced by more stable minerals.

Where does a peridotite rock come from?

Peridotite originates from the upper mantle.

Which two igneous rocks have phaneritic textures?

Even in the most generalized classification, more than two igneous rocks have phaneritic textures. In that generalized classification, they are granite, diorite, gabbro, and peridotite.

Is olivine mafic or felsic?

Olivine is a mafic mineral. It is most abundant in ultramafic rocks.

What rock will you find in the Mantle?

The mantle, or interior of the Earth is made up of mostly of rocks that have high amounts of silicon and aluminum. There is also an abundance of nickel and iron in the mantle.

What is the peridotite use?

A use for peridotite Is to absorb carbon dioxide from the air