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Sandy soil.

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Q: Water flows through what soil fastest?
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Which soil will water pass through fastest?


What happens if soil is permeable?

water flows through it

Do water flows through the soil easily and that the soil does not hold much water?

Water will drain through sandy soil the fastest. Sandy soil is easy to work, but benefits from large amounts of water retaining manures and humus.A loamy soil will retain water, but allow air spaces between the grains.The worst draining soil is clay, usually needing drainage, and is heavy to work.

How does water flow through soil?

yo mamas soil grows fastest

How easily water flows through soil or rock is called?


What soil from sand silt clay or loam lets water through it the fastest?


What soil- type allows water to pass through it fastest?

Loose and sandy soils allow water to pass through them faster as they have larger inter-particle spaces b/w particles of soil

What type of soil can retain the greatest amount of water?

Low permeability and Steep slope

Which soil will allow more water to percolate sandy soil or clayey soil why?

Sand is highly permeable to water; water flows through it easily. Clay is relatively waterproof, and water flows through it with great difficulty. This is because of the relative size of sand particles as compared to clay particles. Clay particles are extremely tiny, and therefore have much smaller gaps between them when they are packed together.

What soil absorbs water the fastest?


What is the layer of rock and soil that groundwater flows through called?


What happens to the water that flows into a septic tank?

It collects in the tank and either evaporates over time or if more water goes into the tank than it can hold it outflows into whats called a drain field. It flows through perforated pipes into the area around the septic tank where it is filtered through and into the soil.