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The surface of the earth that is found on the continents is called the continental crust, which has a thickness of around 25 to 70 km. This crust is made up of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, and that together make up the structure of our continents. As the name implies, oceanic crust is the floor of the oceans. Obviously, this crust is thinner than the continental crust. The major type of rocks making up oceanic crust is basalt. In general, the thickness of oceanic crust is around 7 to 10 km. what they have in common is continental and oceanic crust are both destroyed in subduction zones and lie atop Earth's mantle, though they differ in thickness, density, age and chemical composition.

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Q: What Compare and contrast oceanic crust with continental crust both types of crust?
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Compare and contrast oceanic crust and continental crust?

Continental crust is much thicker than oceanic crust. However, continental crust is denser and will therefore sink in subduction zones.

Who discovered the oceanic crust compare to the continental crust?

in the mantel

How does the age of oceanic crust compare to the age of continental crust?

Oceanic crust is generally much younger. New ocean crust is constantly being formed.

Where does the oceanic crust begin?

The continental shelf is normally made out of continental crust, the oceanic crust begins at the base of the continental rise. However in most places the oceanic crust near the continental margins is covered by continental sediments (eroded form the continents) carried down onto the Oceanic planes by deep sea canyons running off the continental rises.

Oceanic crust is lighter than the continental crust?

No, the oceanic crust is denser. That's why the land areas "float" so much higher than the ocean bedrock.

Oceanic crust is what than continental crust?

Oceanic crust is thinner and denser than continental crust.

What is older the oceanic crust or the continental crust?

Continental crust is far older than oceanic crust.

Is the continental crust thinner than the oceanic crust?

It is not. The oceanic crust is thinner than the continental crust!

What layer of crust averages 25 miles in thickness?

Continental crust.

Differences of the continental crust and oceanic crust?

Thickness - continental = much thickerDensity - oceanic crust is denser than continental, which is why the oceanic crust subducts under the continental at destructive plates boundaries.

Which is denser Oceanic Crust or Continental Crust?

The Oceanic crust is denser than the continental crust

Which is thicker continental crust or oceanic crust?

Continental crust A+