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Well many countries produce lots of Sulphur, but i would say Bangladesh

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Q: What Two Europe countries produce most sulfur dioxide?
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Why does burning hydrocarbons produce sulphur dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide is produced only if the hydrocarbons are contaminated with sulfur compounds.

Does using low sulfur fuel produce less sulfur dioxide?

Yes, of course

What is a compound used to preserve fruit and produce an inexpensive acid?

A compound that is used to preserve fruit and produce an inexpensive acid is sulfur. Sulfur dioxide is often used to preserve fruit.

Why do fossil fuels produce sulfur dioxide when burned?

fossil fuels produce sulfur dioxide when burned because sulfur is present in them. things like coal which is carbon or gas which is a hydrocarbon are examples of this. fossil fuels are bad because sulfur dioxide causes acid rain. hope this helps :)

Why do think that Iceland does not produce a lot of sulfur dioxide?

Iceland's energy demands are met with geothermal heat. No fuel = No emissions = No sulfur dioxide

What is the primary source of sulfur dioxide?

Volcanoes produce more sulfur dioxide than any other cause. Some sulfur dioxide is also release from the burning of sulfur-rich fossil fuels.

How many liters of sulfur dioxide are produced from the reaction of sulfur with 26.9 L of oxygen?

If I remember chemistry class correctly, it should produce 26.9 L of sulfur dioxide.

How many grams of oxygen will be required to produce 25 moles of sulfur dioxide how many grams of oxygen will be required to produce 25 moles of sulfur dioxide?

800 g oxygen are needed.

How is sulfuric acid related to acid?

Sulfuric Acid is an oxoacid of sulfur and is made of Hydrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen. It is produced by burning sulfur in air to produce Sulfur Dioxide, and then oxidizing the Sulfur Dioxide to Sulfur Trioxide. Sulfuric Acid can then be made from Sulfur Trioxide.

When fuels burn what element present in the impurities in a fossil fuel may produce sulfur dioxide?


What human activity releases large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the environment?

Sulfur dioxide is produced by the burning of coal to produce electricity. Nearly 2/3 of the sulfur dioxide produced is through the burning of fossil fuels.

Balanced equation for the burning of sulfur to produce sulfur dioxide?

Sulfur is generally S8. S8 + 8 O2 → 8 SO2