What actually is a earthquake?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An earthquake is caused by the shifting of the earth's Tectonic Plates that make up the outer crust. The plates rub against each other which causes shock waves that can either be unnoticeable or dramatic, and even deadly to those who experience it. The place an earthquake occurs is called the Hypocenter.

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Q: What actually is a earthquake?
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Where earthquake geographic location?

the epicenter of the earthquake is where the earthquake hit. technically, you need three epicenters the find where the earthquake actually hit, though. Edit: The epicenter is the location on the surface traced to by seismographs for people to get an idea of where the earthquake happened. The hypocenter is where the earthquake actually happened below the surface.

When is there going to be a earthquake that will destroy earth?

actually there really can't be an earthquake that destroys the earth, there can be massive ones but none to actually destroy it

What do you call the point where an earthquake actually starts?

The point within the Earth where an earthquake actually begins is known as the focus or hypocentre of the earthquake. The point on the surface directly above this is known as the epicentre.

Country plus largest recorded earthquake?

Actually, the largest recorded earthquake goes to Chile in 1960 with a 9.5 magnitude earthquake.

Is it possible for an earthquake to be off the scale?

No, because earthquake magnitude scales don't actually have limits!

Where is an earthquake focus found?

The focus of an earthquake is more properly called its hypocentre and is the point within the Earth where the earthquake actually occurred (i.e where the rupture actually starts).The epicentre of an earthquake is the point on the Earth's surface directly above the hypocentre.Please see the related links.

How many people are missing in Napier's earthquake 1931?

No one actually went missing during the earthquake.

Is 5.6 a small or big earthquake?

it is actually small.

Can a volcano errupt when an earthquake happens?

yes, it actually could

How big was gays islands earthquake?

pretty small actually

How did the people that survived the Haiti earthquake actually survive?

they actually survived by selling stuff and earning money

Which earthquake recorded at the highest rating on the Richter scale in the 20th century?

actually, the highest rating was an earthquake in Chili, coming in on a 9.5