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Wind energy provides virtually no power and even less CO2 reduction. They do have strong feel good affects on people and help cull bird and bat populations in a area where they are located.

Free bird meat can be collected under them.

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for you, schools, houses, stores, tvs, anything that uses electricity

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  • Pumping water
  • Grinding corn
  • Generating electricity
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Q: What are possible uses of wind energy?
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What uses wind energy?

Europe and the united states uses the greatest amount of wind energy

What are the differences between hydroelectric energy and wind energy?

Hydroelectric energy uses water to turn large turbines in damns to generate electricity, while wind energy uses wind to turn wind turbines to generate electricity.

Is wind power energy helpful?

It is very helpful because it uses the wind to generate energy.

What are early uses of wind energy?

Wind energy is used to sail boats, and turn wind mills to make flour.

How is solar power and wind power different?

solar power uses the sun's light for energy and wind power uses the wind to turn the turbines in windmills to create energy.

Wind power energy uses?


Why is the wind an energy source with limited uses?

A disadvantage of wind energy is that only a few places on Earth have enough wind to meet our energy needs.

What energy uses kinetic energy of the air to turn a generator?

Wind energy.

What countries use wind energy?

Europe and the united states uses the greatest amount of wind energy

Is wind energy expansive?

Wind energy itself is free, how one uses it is what starts to incur costs

3 examples of wind energy?

One and best example of wind energy is WIND FARMS that uses wind turbines or old age windmills.

Is geothermal energy use wind to produce energy?

no it uses volcanoes