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plants,trees,water,air,and soil

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swamp cypress and the pitcher plant.

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Q: What are so me non living things in the okefenokee swamp?
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What are some non-living things in The Okefenokee Swamp?

Some non-living things in the Okefenokee Swamp include: Sunlight Air Water Stones Pebbles Rocks Some Livng Things are: Plants: Trees, flowers, grasses Animals

How do non living and living things interact in a swamp?

the non-living thing inter act to each other and the living thing interact to the organism..................................................

Different shape living things and non-living things?

The living things have life while the non-living things do not have life. The living things locomote and respond to stimuli while the non-living things do not.

What makes a living organism different a non living thing?

that living things can breath and non living things cant

How does growth of living things differ from growth of non living things?

living things move while non living things not

How do living things and non living things differ in their movement?

non-living things move by magic

How do we classify living and non-living things?

Living things have the capacity to reproduce, non-living things do not reproduce. The living things use biological energy for their growth and development, non-living things do not require such energy.

What is the characteristics of non living things?

what are the characteristics of non living things

What is the importance of non living things to living things?

For me the ecosystem is the place were living the living things and non living things and the importance of it to as is that they are produce the oxygen that we are in healing

How many non-living things are there in the world?

There is an endless number of non-living things in the world. any object is a non-living thing. The number or non-living things is infinite.

What do non living things have but living things do not?

Scientists/experts that classified them as non living things.

What do the non living things?

what do the non living thing